So HTML5, you think you can dance?

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ok, ok. so let's cut the crap already. The Flash vs. HTML5 debate can get a little tiresome right? I mean let's face it. You can't view Flash on the iPhone or iPad. And with HTML5 on the fast track, forget about it. Right? (I mean just look at all the demos!) Uh yeah. While I'm no gigantic Flash advocate, I have been known to use flash (with pride) on occasion and where appropriate. Sure, HTML5 is cool, and it is getting there, but it's hardly ready to take on the smooth operator that is Flash. (And Flash still gets all the hot chicks).

So, off with the gauntlets. I challenge thee, oh html fivers.....

It's really quite simple.

Below is a simple Flash button that I created around 2004. That's right 2004. Yeah, probably laughable in today's day in age, but in it's day it would have gotten its fair share of hefty "ooohhs and ahhhhhs". And in terms of smoothness and fluidity and even sexiness - it still seems to smack HTML5 all over the WWW.

Can this be replicated in HTML5? And if so, gracefully? Smoothly? So there you have it. That's my challenge.


If you can, I'll eat my old flash software disks.

eat it html5

Up to the Challenge?

Think I'm stupid? (you're probably right). However, if you are up to the challenge, please send proof to jonas [at] zerooneproductions [dot] [net] or find me on twitter as @jive. I will post your submission as proof and evidence. If you want to submit your own challenges, I'll post those too, so you can pity those Flash Fools.

Are you a Flash guy?

Submit another challenge to see if those HTML5 guys have what it takes. If not, well it was fun doing this anyway. ;)

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